Episode 25: Kaitlin Ruby

Kaitlin is an artist, poet and writer who graduated from California Lutheran University in 2017. She worked with the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company in 2016 and that’s where she and Mark first met. Currently, Kaitlin works at an international arts organization as a Curation Specialist. She has since built her resume by being featured in various magazines and shows– including several issues of Condé Nast’s House & Garden: The Art Edit, as well as being featured at the Lincoln Center in the Kenan Fellow’s production “Can You Hear Us Now?”.

With a focus on Social Justice issues and as a contributing west coast founder of the group Artists Striving to End Poverty, she was chosen to attend the Artist as Citizen Conference at the Julliard School in New York. During the pandemic, Kaitlin curated and produced The Fear Journal. Released on July 25, the journal is an electronic publication featuring visual art, writing, poetry, music and works from numerous artists including your host and CST’s art and social media director, Shannon Storer. In this podcast, Mark and Kaitlin discuss art as a vibrant, necessary component to healing and warding off the anxiety that fear produces.

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