About the Podcast

Considering Some Things is a podcast born during the novel coronavirus pandemic of 2020. With a background (some time ago) in radio and as a freelance journalist and English teacher, I knew that this was a natural extension of what I like to do. So, I fired up the laptop, bought a decent microphone and began to talk to people and get their stories during this strange time.

While working with a few friends on another podcast, which I still do, I knew that I wanted a chance to just have one-on-one conversations and I knew I wanted to center on how to keep creativity, entrepreneurship, hope and even love–alive during a time of universal fear.

But at the end of summer, when it was apparent that I would have to turn my attentions back toward my classroom–and while the pandemic and ensuing fear of it continues, I knew that I no longer could do this alone. So, I invited CST’s first guest and my old friend, Keith Cox, to join me as a co-host and the new flavor and spice that CST has become is a lot of creative fun for me, and for Keith. We still interview people as opportunities arise–but we also create shows where we discuss ideas, content and subjects that interest us-with an unwavering hope that politics doesn’t sneak in too often.

So, as we continue to navigate this strange period in all of our lives, Keith and I continue to look at the world through eyes of hope, creativity and most of all, love for our friends and families. All of us look to a time when we get back to our lives, to start the world up again and be with the people we love, doing the things we love. When that happens, we’ll consider those things, too and bring their stories to you. These are stories of the backbone of our country, the artists, small business owners, entrepreneurs, writers and officials who are all looking at the world going forward in a new way.

I always used to say to my students, “hope is not a strategy…” as a way of asking them to make a plan to get their work done. Now, I’m humbled by the realization that hope is what keeps me going every day. I’m looking to tomorrow, and the stories here are stories about how to survive today, while thinking about the world yet to be.


-Mark Storer

Creator Co-Host and audio engineering: Mark Storer, Co-host: Keith Cox, Executive Producer and Website Design: Jason Abrahamson. Original Music by Grammy Award Winning Musical director: Matthew Burgess-and Trace Tedrick.