About Mark

Mark Storer is a 30-year veteran California public school English teacher, a writer and freelance journalist. He’s had the privilege to write for publications like the New York Times, Decanter Magazine, The San Jose Mercury News, the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Wines and Vines, Ventana Magazine, The Ventura County Star and many others.

Taking a cue from both his journalism career and his early radio career during and after college, Mark began thinking about podcasting a few years ago, and got excited by listening to some of his favorites like The Airline Pilot Guy, American History Tellers and Snap Judgment. He wanted to develop a podcast with a chance to interview people who had stories to tell at the heart of it all. So this podcast begins with the global pandemic of 2020 as Mark asks his guests to talk about everything from creativity to entrepreneurial-ism to love in a time of universal fear and crisis.

Mark and Keith have known each other for more than 40 years and have always loved talking about every and anything. Their first radio gig was at Los Angeles Pierce Community College on the campus radio station in the 1980’s. Mark was hooked, but Keith went on to brighter things….until now as they reunite on CST.

Mark lives with his wife, Susan and their dog, Simon in Ventura County, CA. Their daughter, Shannon, is a college student in Washington.