Keith’s Notes

Black Line

My TV has a black line.

I did not notice it at first, but then when the Netflix logo blazed across the screen, all bright red and foreboding, right in the middle of the TV screen is a thin, black line.

Now that I see the line, I cannot unsee it. I’s just there mocking me, letting me know that from now on, it is here to stay. It does not ruin the tv for me; I’m no perfectionist, and I’ve come to accept this black line for what it is.

What it really is.

I bought the TV about 10 years ago. LED’s were becoming the rage, and the mighty, mysterious plasma TV’s were going out of style, not because the pictures were bad, oh no, in fact, plasma TV’s were lauded for their excellent colors, contrasted, and realistic feel. However, LED’s were surpassing plasma not only in better picture quality, but also, they were more reliable. Plasma’s had a way of leaking pixels, for they are delicate beasts, these plasmas. When it happens, they cannot be fixed, and usually, it gets worse over time. So, on a trip to Costco I saw this magnificent 65” beast of a plasma TV, on sale for a fraction of the price, and I had to have it!

When you have a TV for a long time, well, it becomes family. Truly within a couple of years of owning my LG plasma, it was considered outdated, but I did not care. It was HUGE, and the picture was fantastic! Screw those fancy LED TV’s, you are NOT worth the money! My plasma is taking care of this family, and it has for years.

The thin black line, however, is the looming reminder that sooner or later the TV will die. I did a pre-emptive strike and bought another LG, but this was a more modern 75” LED 4K model that is not only bigger, but even better colors! It’s almost like 3D, especially when watching a movie filmed in 4K. However, my dedication to that LG 65” meant I wouldn’t dump it or sell it, oh no, I replaced my 42” bedroom TV with it. Did I sell my 42” TV? Nope. That is now my computer monitor.

We do not watch a lot of TV in bed, for some reason. I think it is because I do not like falling asleep to TV. However, you can set a timer on it, but I am lazy.  We do watch it occasionally, and for the most part, I ignore the black line. The black line has not grown yet, but I know it will.

For now, I greet that thin line and I try not to be afraid of it. A minor nuisance that I try not to let it get in my head, but sometimes, it really, really does. This mute reminder that sooner rather than later, it will become bigger, and bigger until one day… color fades to black.

I am sometimes fearful, sometimes defiant, and other times, accepting of that thin black line. I know when the time comes, I will probably rage against it, but I hope in my heart I look back and realize it has been a wonderful, wonderful TV.