Episode 48: Mr. Executive Producer, Sir.

We welcome to CST our own Executive producer and co-creator of the podcast, Jason Abrahamson. He’s not here to tell us how to do it better, nor to critique us. In fact, he probably should do those things–but Jason is a pretty skilled “pit boss” and bbq/smoked meats master in his own right and in Episode 48, he discusses the finer points of creating good “q,” as well as getting off a couple of excellent shots on Mark. Be ready to cook–the episode is guaranteed to make you hungry, unless you’re a vegetarian in which case, we apologize. For Jason’s tantalizing tidbits of q-ing genius, go to: www.Abrahamsonscaliforniabbq.com or see his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jkabrahamson

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