Episode 28: David Reel and Barry Funkhouser

David Reel
Barry Funkhouser

Author, historian and podcaster David Reel along with the founder of 567 Podcast, Barry Funkhouser join Mark to talk about everything from Ventura County and Camarillo History to how podcasting might save the world in this back and forth discussion about family obligations, hard choices and hard times. David’s book, Past and Present: Camarillo, is available now and you can get it at his website, David Reel Writes, where you can also hear his podcast, the David Reel Show, focusing on local history, business, sports and other topics. He also has two novels in development. Barry’s company (unaffiliated with Considering Some Things) helps bring podcast a wider audience and sharper image. Barry also produces content for Tunein and has worked in broadcasting for 20 years.

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