Episode 15: Jane Wells

Jane Wells is an award-winning reporter for the CNBC network having reported feature, financial and news stories for more than 25 years. She covered the O.J. Simpson trial, Mother Teresa’s funeral and the Columbine massacre among other noteworthy stories. She’s won a Peabody and a DuPont Award for her coverage of the Rodney King trial in Los Angeles and she has won several local news Emmy awards. In addition, she’s developed a podcast called Top Story Tonight, which brings a modern day media’s corroded lens to historical events and she guest-hosts on Mark’s favorite radio station, the 50,000 Watt blowtorch of information that is KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles. Recently, she’s been talking to business owners across the west about how the Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted business. She shares her years of experience and insights with Mark as they discuss the current media environment, how to take a break from it and where it might be going from here.

2 comments on “Episode 15: Jane Wells

  1. This is a great episode.
    Jane is uber-informed.
    I think that her “take” on how news media outlets have become aligned with a specific political base is spot on.

    Do you have the link to the Historical Podcast that she was talking about?

    1. mark.storer says:

      Thanks Matt. In shownotes now!

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