At this point, I cannot say that it came as a surprise. I fear it may not be worth writing about except for posterity: The posterity of my posterior to be precise. 

All stories have a beginning, middle and an end–but this end’s end is not ending. Well not yet, anyway. It began in late May, in a fervent rush out of the garage door to get errands run, while reading some documents I needed for the next day. I was in a world of checklists and making order out of mayhem, communicating with four or five different groups of people, making sure this group had that group’s invoice-that one party would have the right room number and the time they should arrive…the usual kind of organization that occurs with large gatherings.

So I put the garage door up and started walking out–but it hadn’t gone up yet and I walked straight into it. I thought it was a concussion–but it wasn’t. Down I went on the backside and since then, it’s been varying degrees of pain. Suddenly, the organization stuff gained more importance–more focus and yet, I was dazed in various fits of both pain and anger that I’d walked into a rising garage door, ignoring what was in front of me to grab hold of the intangible and in the process, ignoring both.

Today’s annual physical revealed that while my general health is pretty good–my tail bone was indeed broken–a broken coccyx. And let the jokes ensue. I debated about even posting this, but since the purpose of this blog is to provide a memory repository for me and more for my daughter, I thought it worth mentioning that I broke my tail bone–mainly because as near as I can tell this is the first major broken bone I’ve ever had. I may have broken a toe and maybe one time, a finger. But those were childhood things and I barely remember them. This, however, this I’ll remember. Trust me.


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