Episode 36: Leaving California

From Joe Rogan to Elon Musk, to now thousands of businesses and countless individuals, fed up with high taxes and burdensome regulations, outrageous housing costs, lower standards of living, unreasonable limitations on personal freedom and a decline in the general quality of life, are leaving the once Golden State. Mark Storer is one of them. After 45 years living in California, marrying a California girl and having a child now native of the state as well-Mark will leave California for many of the reasons listed above.

Join Mark and Keith as the discuss why leaving California, for most people, has less to do with their political beliefs and more to do with the practical reality of what the state has become.

1 comment on “Episode 36: Leaving California

  1. Candace Siderides says:

    Interesting on moving out of Cali…Kentucky is the best followed closely by Missouri. Gotta remember the Medicare is cheap because the medical care is crap in most southern states…and the housing can be awful that’s the cheap stuff.
    Great hearing you Keith….this is your ex mother in law.

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