Episode 6: Roland & Brittany Mann

Brittany Mann
Roland Mann

Mark talks to Roland Mann, comic book writer, author of Cat and Mouse, producer and founder of Silverline Comics from Orlando, Florida as well as Roland’s daughter, Brittany Mann, an actress, singer and songwriter living in Ventura County, California, whose new single, Why will be out next month-and new film called Heaven will be released in 2021. The two share light-hearted and moving stories about missing family, creativity and keeping it all together in the time of COVID-19 and overcoming the challenges that have set in.

2 comments on “Episode 6: Roland & Brittany Mann

  1. Keith Cox says:

    I remember Roland!
    He gave me all those Cat&Mouse comics and I’m sure I still have them!

    1. mark.storer says:

      That’s great–you should keep those. When he comes out, he can sign them. 🙂

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