Episode 41: Final Girl Wines

The unique combination of Keith’s passion for horror movies and Mark’s passion for wine (though Keith rather shares that one, too…) comes together at a boutique winery in Santa Barbara County called Final Girl Wines. Horror fans will note the namesake which refers to the last surviving girl in most horror films, a nod to the genre going back quite a few generations.

Peter and Anna Lancucki are a husband and wife team that were brought together from opposite ends of the earth by a mutual love of horror and wine. Final Girl Wines is a blend of their two great passions.  

Anna has over 18 years experience in some of the best new world wine regions and Peter is a horror writer with an extensive public and private industry career.

The sound quality of the interview is “enhanced” by the addition of the couple’s infant son who joined in the show. In addition, unfortunate “speaker shadows” produced by uncontained volume control appear on occasion as well.

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