Episode 40: Musica!

Keith still performs with his band Different Strings, here at Brick Barn Winery in Buellton, Calif.

Mark gave up performing in 2008. Here, he performs with his friends and bandmates, Dr. Jarvis Streeter, Edd Hendricks and Mike Hobbs.

Keith and Mark explore a….well…..a stream of consciousness dialogue about some of the music that impacted–and continues to impact their lives. What both of them realized after their discussions is just how little they had covered and how much more there was to say. Below is a partial list with links of bands and musicians covered and some of the great songs that influenced both.

Mark dedicates this episode to two of his closest friends and confidants, pictured to the left, both on guitars–from left to right, Dr. Jarvis Streeter and Edd Hendricks, both gone now–but their memory lives on and their influence on Mark remains a palpable and living thing.

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