Episode 18: Melissa Parker

Melissa Parker joins me to talk about her company, Reed’s Remedies and all things CBD. As a small business owner, a wife and mother of three, Melissa discusses the challenges of balancing a full life in the time of the pandemic. Her story is one of perseverance and hard work, overcoming tragedies and finding a way through to optimism and a path forward. She is also a former student of Mark’s from the earliest part of his teaching career in the 1990’s.

Melissa was gracious enough to offer a one-time use 20 percent discount code on all Reed’s Remedies products. The code is CST20 and is live now. Simply type it in when you order to the proper box-and receive a 20 percent discount on purchases.

2 comments on “Episode 18: Melissa Parker

  1. Thank you for having me, Mark. It was so nice to catch up and to share my wellness story. To learn more about Reed’s Remedies visit our website http://www.reedsremedies.com
    Enjoy 20% off plus free shipping until Sept 30, 2020 with code CST20. One use per customer.

    1. mark.storer says:

      Thank you for joining me, Melissa! And thank you for the code and discount offer to listeners. It’s here in the episode notes–and on your comment. Appreciate you so much!

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