Episode 16: Matt Burgess

Matt Burgess joins Mark from his basement music studio in Nashville, TN, in a conversation about music, writing, routines and work and hope and reality in this odd time. A Grammy Award winning musician, Matt is now the music director for Considering Some Things and is responsible for producing, co-writing (with Trace Tedrick) and performing the bumper music you hear starting today. He has toured and played with dozens of musicians including Phil Keaggy, Ann Wilson (Heart), Spencer Davis and Brandi Carlisle. Matt and Mark met in college more than 30 years ago and share some of their college roots, using them as a catalyst for moving forward and clearing one’s head–the pair even do a little beat poetry with the African doumbek!

2 comments on “Episode 16: Matt Burgess

  1. Francine Byrne says:

    Burgess is super talented

  2. This was a Super Fun interview for me.
    Thank you Mark for a great opportunity.
    Keep watching the Sunrise & looking forward

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