Episode 11: Chris Ulm

Chris Ulm is an icon in the gaming world and in the comics world. He created the Ultraverse brand with his co-founders at Malibu Comics, developed some of the earliest mobile gaming apps with Appy Entertainment and developed video games at Oddworld Entertainment. As Studio Creative Director at Jam City Studios, Chris brings his brilliant and ever-creative mind and process to a world-wide game producer. He also has the dubious distinction of being friends with Mark for more than 25 years, having met as the better half of the rhythm section to Mark’s bass guitar in a band called Pacific Fear-long ago and far away. Creativity in the time of Covid, the need to build one’s optimism and a future worth fighting for are on tap for a wide-ranging conversation.

3 comments on “Episode 11: Chris Ulm

  1. Keith Cox says:

    Wonderful show!
    I will never forget the Geekend Weekends!
    House of Freaks, yo!!

  2. mark.storer says:

    Even I liked Geekend, though I recall going back to the hotel room faster than you guys did. Glad you enjoyed it. Chris is infinitely interesting!

  3. Roland Mann says:

    Great hearing Ulm’s voice…and yours. Made me think we’re about to start jammin!

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