“…Moving through some changes…”

Even as the pandemic and its deleterious impact on the world continue, we are trying to find ways to forge lives and move ahead. And so it is with CST. There are some changes coming to the podcast for which I am profoundly grateful.

My first guest on CST was Keith Cox. Keith is an old friend I’ve known since junior high school back in the late 1970’s. We’ve remained friends all these years and stayed in touch. I’m a lucky guy, there’s a lot of people I have such long friendships with including Greg Barnett, the founder and owner of NABU wines and a guest here on the podcast in the past as well. Matt Burgess, our music director whom I’ve known for 33 years, Chris Ulm, a web app and game developer and I have been friends for 30 years and Scott Wolfe and Shawn Near, my mates of more than 33 years who, along with their families, remain good close friends.

But Keith went far and wide away and we never lost touch. When he returned, it was to the Central California Coast where he raised his kids, created and developed two businesses and pursued his passion for music. Married to his soul-mate, Tina, Keith is one of the most interesting people I know. He’s got a wickedly quick wit, a broad range of interests and a worldview that isn’t afraid to question what he knows–and isn’t afraid to validate what you know, even if he doesn’t agree.

Keith will be my co-host starting on episode 30 of CST. We’ll continue to invite guests on from time to time as we can, but as I return back to the classroom for my last year as a teacher in this tumultuous and strange time, I find it’s getting harder to make the podcast work as I don’t currently have the time to sweep the world for guests who have something more to say. Keith and I can continually create conversations around topics large and small and when we find some good folks to join us, we’ll do that, too. Who knows, maybe we’ll even change the name…?

Meanwhile, Producer Jason is also becoming busier in his day-job and so we’ll be either looking to produce the podcast ourselves or perhaps, find a suitable successor. But honestly, if it were not for Producer Jason, CST would not exist. So we’ll see where that goes.

Meanwhile, I wanted to talk to you about Keith and introduce him. CST will do exactly what it was founded to do–talk about the times in which we live, using as its foundation the nature of creativity, hope and optimism. Welcome Keith! Very excited about CST’s future with you in it…

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