“Recalled to Life…”

The argument springing up just now is important and truly American. The politicians, faced with an enormous exercise on the limits of their Constitutional powers, are now discussing how to “open society back up.” Of course, there was no real discussion like this when they chose to close it down.

It’s as important a debate as was the original Constitutional Convention more than 200 years ago. As the virus pandemic continues, though now somewhat abated, our economy and our people are suffering–more in number than those who got sick with the virus. Businesses have folded, bank accounts dwindle, housing values plummet, and many people having trouble putting food on the table.

The early and, in my view, ill-informed panic that closed the country down became a general rule of thumb to avoid over-loading our healthcare system and that was in all fairness the right thing to do. But we seem to have “bent the curve” as we were told, in most places and now we see the strange posturing of politicians on all sides saying, “it’s time to try to get back on our feet,” while others call for up to 18-months of quarantine, supposedly completely ignorant of the economic impact (think meteor crater).

As I just see no purpose in the political scrum that ensues, the cut-to-the-chase moment is obviously upon us. We have to protect the most vulnerable, find a way to maintain hygiene and distancing measures, while slowly being “recalled to life,” as Charles Dickens wrote.

While I remain apolitical, I do fall on the side of Mr. Dickens. I realize it cannot be business as usual. That day will come, perhaps sooner rather than later–but we need to allow people to get back to work, commerce to continue and exercise our liberties again.

But I also fall on the side of the people with whom I’m talking here. This week, four new interviews with small business owners, artists, and a nationally renowned speaker, Dr. Terry Paulson, who will discuss optimism in challenging and fearful times. I think you’ll enjoy them all, please join me.

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