Happy Easter

It might not be as Happy as we’d like. But it is a sign of hope. There is much to be hopeful for. As we strive to end this plague and scientists and medical professionals around the world work to bring it under control, today is a day for Universal Hope, not universal fear. Jewish people celebrated Passover, a plague visited on the world from which they were saved, by again sheltering in place and remembering their ancestors. For those of us who celebrate Easter, we now look for the new dawn after a time of grief, pain and sadness. And that time will come again–and soon.

It’s certainly a painful time and all of us are afraid. But this is not without precedent–and we will overcome it and it was important to me to note that this morning. Easter brings with it the hope of renewal-and now more than ever, that’s what we need and what will come again.

Peace. For those of us in the Easter tradition, He is Risen. But whatever your tradition, life will spring again–and with it the promise of being able to know who we are, and how to do it better than ever.

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