This is Just to Say…

Christmas of 2018 fled and two posts ago, I said it left, spinning out into the universe to wind its way around the sun and would come back in 12 months. And it did–and now, it’s 2020 and Christmas has gone spinning out into space yet again. I’m a little bit older, as are we all, and a bit wiser, I suppose. So, this is just to say….

I’ve made a decision that is worth putting here for posterity and it’s the reason why I fire the Blog back up. Perhaps in the next few weeks, I’ll provide more essays and hopefully, find some creative ideas to share. But for now, and particularly with homage to the post immediately beneath this one from one-year ago, I’ve made the decision to retire from the high school classroom at the end of June, 2021. I have three more semesters to ply my trade and then I’m off for new horizons.

This is not the “thanks for the memories” post. This is the William Carlos Williams post; this is–indeed–just to say. In June of 2021, I’ll have taught for 30 years and that’s a long career. I could teach longer and the pension I earn would go up, that’s true. But I’m trading money for time and a little more experience for adventures and new traditions, a new home and a desire to make life anew.

As I seek to do that, I’m going to begin anew here, too. Our little girl is now a freshman in college and Sue’s twin-sister Laurie, has left California as we will soon do.  In August of last year, we lost our dear Lucy, Laurie’s dog–our dog–and Simon remains, sleeping here next to me as I write. Soon, though–I’ll be writing from different spaces and places. And while I do that, I’ll be writing new stories for myself as well. It’s time to trust our faith a little bit and make the changes that will lead to a life beyond my career of the past 30 years. 


2 comments on “This is Just to Say…

  1. Cathy Swanson says:

    Glad your blogging again Mark. I always enjoy your posts. I’m excited for you, yet sad. Change is always hard for me. This year Bill moves on, next year you and my daughter move on and then Sam and I move on. Change is good and exciting. When we get to Idaho know you have a place to stay.

  2. Felicia Sullivan says:

    Thank the high heavens you’re posting again. Also, I refuse to think about you retiring and moving away…Must catch up soon and plan that trip to Mexico!

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